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May 12, 2007


Tina H.

I went out geocaching with my family yesterday and have been reflecting on that today... mostly that the neighborhood so close to my own was full of creepy old people who could NOT resist watching (ahem, STARING) what a small family who do not frequent the area are doing. . . they watched our EVERY little moved. It made things very difficult, if you know the sport. *lol* Anyway, reflecting on it now, though it felt odd and creepy then, really puts a smile on my face. I got to see a part of the city I live in that I never really took the time to look around at. I got to see people I'd never seen before, and observe how they observe... *lol* Amusing, interesting, amazing! It makes me really want to go out and do it again SOON... because it gives ME the chance to see the big wide world at the same time. :") OH... and speaking of spiders, there was a MASSIVE spider on one cache I went to grab... eeek! It freaked me out. *lol* I'm glad it didn't follow me around though. ;")

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