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September 09, 2008



Congratulations. The card is adorable.

Sherry D

SO PROUD! The rest of the world may not know this about Sue but she swore to me that she would never and I repeat n-e-v-e-r make cards! e-v-e-r! I think she coined the phrase "I'd rather eat my hat" or something to that effect ... but, I was persistant and look what you have accomplished... I'm really Happy for you!! I have to point out along with Sue's Toots... hee hee ... she made the ghost herself (with an exacto knife!!!)... because she couldn't find one that she liked! ... Sue the card is just adorable!

Donna in Louisiana

Congratulations Girl. That is just awesome. Love the card. Love the site.

Lori Scott

I saw your card last night when I was reading the magazine. Congratulations. Now I need to know how you stamped the ghost.


Great card, congrats on getting published!


As soon as I seen this in the magazine I thought it looked familiar!! You showed it to the group last year!! AND I loved it then and I love it now!! Congratulations girlie!! That is so cool and you go on tooting your horn that is so awesome!!!
BTW ~ I LOVE your blog header!! I wish I could make a decent one! It is really pretty!! Have a great night :)Kathy


Can you tell me how you made this card? It is by far the best and I'd love to try to duplicate.

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