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December 28, 2008


Cari Shumway

so sweet. I love that shaker. I can't stand using a spoon and tupperware. I love the sentiments, and all your personal thoughts. I wasn't raised by your Mom, but am so blessed to have known her...and especially for raising the most sweet man I've ever met, my honey, Ry, and her baby. thanks for all your thoughts, works of heart, and more...love you, sue.

Sherry Ü

What a Lovely Tribute to your Mom Sue.. I never had the pleasure of meeting your Mom but I have been lucky enough to have known you now for what's it been 9 yrs? ... and you have shared so many stories with me... some heartwarming, some sad, some down right silly (love those campfire songs too!) and I have gotten a sense of what it must have been like for you growing up...a kind of through the looking glass feel if you know what I mean.

I know the stories about the shaker and wish that I had something from my past that had that much meaning .. how looking at it makes you feel warm and safe.. and even though it makes you feel sad it evokes that warmth that your Mom wrapped around you every day.. How LUCKY you are to have that!

ps.. my affection for you is on a grand scale, you are like a sister to me... but it is me who considers herself lucky because of what you have brought to our friendship.. your warmth and honesty is touching in this hardened world and lets me know that I am loved and respected for who I am.. Thank You for that!

... and now, back to your regularly scheduled program ...

Debra Pate

Love the card and the story behind the cinnamon jar. You should scrapbook your memories about the jar.


Mona P

What a beautiful post! Thanks for sharing.


It's taken me a little bit to respond...not because I wasn't touched, though. More because I can't add much. This was a beautiful tribute to Mom, Sue. We were/are a blessed family because of her and Dad; their patience with our imperfections, kindness in our sorrows, and laughter in our joys...Thanks for reminding me. Love you! AL

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