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April 24, 2009



Schweeeeeeeeeeeeeet! I am SO going to have to CASE this one.

Sherry D

OMGosh, lovin' the seperater inside! NICE!! I'll have to do that later on today!! This project was sooo much fun to make and you're right I WAS stoked not to have to think of it!! heehee! ... but you know me so well don't you! I lovelovelove stuff like this! Thanks for spending the day with me (means so much - I know your busy schedule) and for sharing this project with me... and for making me feel so special on my BDay, you ROCK! *sigh* good times! Ü

Tina H.

You, my dear, are one of those true-blue, diamond-in-the-rough type of friends, I can tell! I don't know about others, but if *I* had been your friend, Sherry, I would have been absolutely overjoyed receiving your TIME *and* your TALENT as a Birthday gift! Wow! I'm really, really impressed with this post, and so amazed at all that you did here!

I am D.E.F.I.N.I.T.E.L.Y going to download the new template and make one of these myself... and hopefully in the near future. I'm EXCITED to try it, too! This looks like a fun project. Thank you for posting the readjusted templates for us to download! I love how yours turned out, especially with the inner divider, the no-glue bottom, and the handy appliques on the outside. SO versatile! Ok, I'm gushing, but rightfully so (imho). This is just up my alley, I want one! *lol* When I get around to making one I'll be sure to share the results. :")

Thanks, AGAIN, for sharing this post, the pictures, and the downloadable template! You're awesome. ;") TTFN

(And sending Sherry some Happy Belated Birthday wishes, too...)

Tina H.

Well dur... I'm feeling a bit sheepish. I hadn't bothered to read the other comments before I posted my own and now I see that your friend Sherry left you one already. :"} I'm sure she knows how lucky she is, but I'm betting that you feel pretty lucky having her as a friend, too. So sweet to see friendships like the two of yours'!


I have been looking back thru your tutorials and found so many great, great ideas for gifting! Thank you so much for sharing the ideas and how-to's.

Jenn Embry

What a fabulous project. The card is amazing. Not sure what it is, but it just grabs my attention. I love, love, love it.

LouAnn Crill

Where did you get the template for the calendar....thanks !!!!

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