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April 27, 2009


Tina H.

Beaaaautiful and 'amen, amen, amen'! :D I just saw the message you sent me and after reading it, clicked the link to your blog right away and was so utterly delighted to see this post right at the top! :") So I love you for your creative brilliance, but I also LOVE that you aren't afraid to speak your mind about your beliefs either... but more so that your beliefs are the universal type, much like those that I strive for too, that include and encompass everyone, everything and strive for a better way of doing and being. SO COOL! Hehe, I can't tell you how jazzed and just genuinely HAPPY I feel after reading beautiful thoughts like those that you shared here. Your own AND Hugh Jackman's. Love it! :") Just wanted to say so, and let you know that I appreciate all that you share here on your blog, creative and philosophical are enjoyed just the same! At least from *this* scatter-brained person over here... hehe! ;")

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