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November 08, 2009


Tina H.

*LOL* I read the bit about my comment and I've already forgotten what exactly I wrote about in that previous comment I had left! I will have to go re-read what I'd said after I'm done. :") It was so thoughtful of you to check the ingredients of the creamer and share what you learned from it though. You are too sweet. Thank you!

In regards to the paint... I don't paint rooms regularly like that, but I've heard terrible things about that paint and primer in one stuff, from so many different people! I've caught myself wondering why they even bothered to come up with it if it's such a hassle to use... wasn't the purpose of combining the two supposed to make it more convenient? Sheesh! I intend to steer clear of it as we'll be painting my boys' bedroom walls soon too. I'll stick to the tried and true way about it! :")

Your room is looking AWESOME! I love, love, love that white and grayish-brown against the hardwood flooring. It is so beautifully contrasting. Do you have other colors in mind for the room, or are you going to keep with those tones? I don't know if you have an IKEA nearby or what, but they have some cool, contemporary furnishings that would fit so perfectly in a room like yours with those neutral colors you've got going on. A chic, modern spin to it would be so stylish, too! I love seeing other peoples' spaces and I cannot wait to see more of yours in time!

BTW, The metaphor of your life is definitely the metaphor of mine too! I am certain that a good majority of people could also say the same. How do we beat it?! Sometimes I'm just at a loss on those things... :"P


I love that color paint you used and thanks for identifying it. But tell me more about that combo primer/paint stuff? What problems did you have with it? What didn't work? The previous commenter is right on about your colors. Love that paint with the white trim and hardwood. Looks divine!

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