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November 29, 2010


Cari Lyn

i concur with the last asteric/thought. love you tons.

Jenn Embry

I am so happy for you that you are finding peace and feeling whole. While I was not raised Mormon, I joined the church when I was pregnant with my oldest child. My divorce had the opposite effect on me. I became stronger in my testimony and faith and it was my ex who left the church after being raised in it his whole life. I think it's interesting how things happen and how experiences can be so different. I have to work really hard at not being bitter towards church leaders who refused to acknowledge that my ex was abusive to me for many years because they had known him since he was young and believed him incapable of it. It wasn't until after moving away from where he grew up that I had church leaders agree that what he was doing to me was wrong and I became a single mother of 4 while in college for the first time at 27 and with no skills to speak of. I'll keep you & your family in my prayers that you may continue to heal. (((hugs)))


Thanks for your comments, Jenn. If I gave any impression of bitterness or unhealed wounds, it was unintentional. I found peace long ago through experiences that I had - largely while training in Rapid Eye Therapy and Reiki. The thing that was missing was the reassurance that my perception of certain events as being miraculous - on any level - were, indeed, just that, and that there were powers beyond our finite senses that were actually watching and waiting and at the ready to move us along our respective paths. The "knowing" has come and gone several times over the years, but something that Martha Beck wrote really touched some part of my heart and soul and resonated the big Truth, as opposed to the small truths I previously experienced. It's so hard to try to find words that articulate what I'm trying to say...

You can still keep me in your prayers, though - I can use any/all help offered!


So glad you had that epiphany - sounds like an interesting article. What a blessing to know we are loved and looked out for!


i really enjoyed this post. as usual it made me wish you were closer so i could get to know better the amazing woman who raised such a wonderful son despite everything that was going on. we love you guys and hope we can see you soon and give you hugs and the baby can give you her special sloppy kisses.

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