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April 06, 2011


Jennifer Styles

Hee. Love it :)

Ike                         www.ikesart.com

Ok Miss Smarty Pants with the big words on Blog comments..... hahahahaha :-)

Seriously, thought I'd drop by and return the favour. This is a FABULOUS card... laughed my sicks off I can tell you.


Ike xxx

leslie (crookedstamper)

A-MAZ-ING! Did you DRAW THOSE PEOPLE!? And what a clever idea to make it a song collection spoof. (It IS a spoof, right?!)

Lisa - papergrace

This is WONDERFUL!!! How absolutely super funny!! :) I know quite a few people who would get a kick out of this card. :D Fabulous!


holy freakin' xmas guacamole, missus!!!!!!!!!!! ok, i thought this was a drop-down ♥FABULOUS♥ card when i scrolled thru and thought it was a DIGI-STAMP... and then... i read the text and discover YOU DREW EVERY SINGLE BIT OF THIS?!??!???!!!!! HOLY. WOW!!!!!!!!! i'm in awe! seriously. wow. ♥♥♥♥♥!

(ps: clearly the best thing that can happen to you, creatively, is to be completely STUMPED... cause when you BREAK THRU... you REALLLLLLLLLLY break through!!!) :) :) :)


ps: 70 bed scarves??!?!??! ...there's a story there, i'm thinkin'...


so imaginative! very clever and so amusing!!! funny!

June Houck

This is so cute! Love it :)

lisa, too!

WOW! That is something Hallmark would sell. Awesome card!!!! (cartooning and sentiments [senior titling] is just... WOWEE!)


Oh my word ... you are just too stinkin' funny ... and you drew that ... seriously A++++ for you ... thanks for joining our jingle belles mayhem.

Sherry Dobreski

OMGosh Sue...this card is too funny! .. such the Clever Girl aren't you!! I LOVE It! Everything about it...and NOW I'm singing Rockin' around the Christmas Tree! You have such a talent for drawing I hope to see more of it in the near future, maybe you should make a couple of these and put them in your Etsy Shop! I'd buy one for sure! Oh and I agree with Lisa, I bet Hallmark would LOVE to see/sell this card!


Sue this is AWESOME!!!! fantastic humor and drawing girl :)

Jocelyn aka JoBear2 on SCS

Had to stop by after seeing your PB card on SCS. I LOVE this card - it's hilarious!! ROTFL!! And hand-drawn - wow - you should make a ton and sell them on Etsy.

{{hugs}} Jocelyn

P.S. It's comforting to know that I am not the only Renaissance soul around.

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